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Updated: Feb 5, 2023

I am Vanya McCarthy, an interior stylist and home stager, an entrepreneur, an artist, a wife, a mom, travel and adventure lover.

Let’s start from the beginning, and I promise you I won’t bore you to sleep :)

Here is an exciting story, 20 years ago, I thought I would be a doctor! I got my studies in order and got into a medical school. Well, I was so wrong! After facing the practical side of “being a medical professional”, I was two feet out the door. This wasn’t my path in life!

The next big step for me was getting into a university specialising in Interior Design, and it felt like this was the right decision. I graduated in 2010 from Varna Free University, Bulgaria. So far, so good!

I arrived in Dublin in 2010, two years after the big 2008 recession hit the world. There was little work for a newly qualified interior designer. I had to face reality here. I started working in fashion retail and stayed in the industry for ten whole years. For many people, this is only a temporary job they had while in college. For me, it was a fast pace environment to learn and adapt. It was far from a fancy office, it was dynamic, fun, and creative. I managed people, worked on projects, travelled, attended new seasons’ fashion shows before the press release, and was involved in opening new location stores. I learned, grew and developed.

Thanks to retail, I met my husband, and I am beyond grateful. He is my best friend, my rock and my world. We have three incredible children together Daniel, Meghan and Ryan. Things in life come when it is the right time. I know, I know, we create our reality, and I genuinely believe in this too, BUT and it is a big BUT for me, our desired reality sometimes comes when we are READY for it!

We purchased our first home and tried reselling it only a few years later. I was blown away by how much value a small renovation can add to your property. After we completed a second renovation on another house, I realised that the process wasn’t stressful for me. It was the opposite. I was in my complete element. My passion for the interior was reborn. I could not wait for the next project!

Let me tell you briefly about my experience of selling our house. It is an entirely different process than buying one. This time, WE, the vendor, had to cover all expenses! Many people aren't aware of what they must pay upfront before receiving the big check at the end of the sale. Vendors get slapped with many bills before their house is listed on the market. They must pay for the valuation, BER rating report, hire a solicitor, pay for advertising and photographer, pay upfront property tax, etc. The number can quickly go up to a 4-figure bill. However, none of these expenses and services ADD VALUE to the property, and none of them attracts more buyers. They are necessary expenses to have your house advertised for sale.

Here is where Stage My Home comes along. Please don’t take me wrong. This is also a part of your list of expenses before listing your property. However, this time is an expense with a return. Home staging adds value to your property, and whatever you invest into it, you will get it back by receiving a higher offer for your property. To be more specific, up to 15% more!

From Hobby to Passion to Stage My Home! Why did I choose Home Staging and Rental Properties Styling?

Many homes in the Irish market are absolutely beautiful, and they have huge potential, but someone has to show this potential to your buyers. It is a similar situation looking at the Irish Airbnb market. Some are super attractive looking, while others are very poorly presented and don't meet the standard. I love to help people to show their homes for sale or properties to rent to their fullest potential. A tiny percentage of people can see beyond clutter, the overgrown garden, empty rooms and personal gallery of photographs on the walls.

I chose to stage homes because I will never forget the long discussion with my husband after viewing houses during our house hunt. Were we or were we not going to fit a three-seater couch in the den??!! It would have been 10 times easier for us if someone furnished the house and our questions were answered.

I chose to style rental properties because the market is becoming increasingly demanding. Although most of the time an Airbnb is someone's home, travellers are now looking for a more professional experience, not sitting around someone else's personal belongings. Short-term holiday rentals now are competing with hotel settings. Their prices reflect this as well. Wouldn’t you like your rental property to stand out and meet your guest’s expectations? You would want 5-star reviews after your guests' stay. I would love to help you with this journey and make it as easy as possible.

Stage My Home has fulfilled my passion for interiors and properties!

Is selling or renting your property daunting, and do you need some help?

Just give us a call!

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