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Updated: Mar 21, 2023

As every property is unique, so is the cost of staging. The guide price for staging a property in Ireland is 0.5%-1.5% of the asking price. The fee depends on the size of the property and the extent of the staging work required.

The foundations are just as necessary as the decoration.

Before we go into detail, I want to clarify a few things. Firstly, the cost of staging differs from the property preparation before it hits the market. A professional stager will list all improvements needed on the property, not just the furniture installation and the furniture rental. The furniture and the accessories are the final touches for a successful sale. Like cushions on a sofa, they make it look nice, decorative, and more appealing to the potential buyer. However, the overall condition of the sofa itself will define its core value.

We can all agree that regardless of the effort and creativity invested in dressing a property for sale, a buyer can’t be easily distracted from mould patches on the bathroom ceiling, an outdated kitchen or an ancient and grubby carpet. These areas will need attention first and add to the expense while preparing your property for the market.

Many home staging companies in Ireland offer refurbishment and project management services, which makes the property owner’s life so much easier, especially if they live abroad or in a different county.

The difference in staging furnished and unfurnished properties

When looking at staging your property, there are typically two categories your home will fall into - furnished and unfurnished (including partially-furnished). Each type of category has its unique services and associated costs. Typically, the price for staging furnished properties is much lower than unfurnished ones. Let’s dive into this further.

Furnished properties

When staging a furnished property, the stager will collaborate with the homeowner or the broker to de-personalise, de-clutter, rearrange furniture, and reorganise the property’s layout to provide a new and fresh feeling to the home.

Every home stager has their own way of charging for their services. It could be hourly or daily or until the project is complete. For example, a three-bedroom house may need a couple of hours' worth of staging or a full day of work with a team of people. Therefore, assigning a flat rate for this type of project is challenging.

Let’s run through some scenarios to understand better what work is involved in staging a furnished home:

Scenario 1: This house has been rented out for a few years, and now the owner has decided to sell. All existing furniture is staying in the house. However, there are no personal belongings. They only need to be rearranged.

In this case, home stagers will follow interior design principles when planning the furniture layout, giving a better flow in each room. In addition, some soft furnishing and a few accessories may be added for the photoshoot. This staging may take between 2-4 hours.

Scenario 2: This house has been occupied by a family for many years, with lots of personal belongings and memorabilia scattered throughout the house, and now they are looking to downsize.

This scenario will require more work and more hours compared to the first. When marketing properties, personal items are considered a distraction and make it more difficult for potential buyers to imagine their future in that home.

The home staging company may not need to provide any furniture or accessories. However, they will need to work with the homeowner to de-personalise and declutter the property. At times they may even be required to complete the task independently. Finally, once the property has been cleared, rearranging the furniture in each space will be the last step of the staging process.

Unfurnished properties

Staging unfurnished properties requires a supply of all furniture and accessories for an agreed time frame. The standard rental period is around eight weeks or two months for properties in the city and longer when the property is located outside the town.

This staging service involves a lot more time. In addition, it is a larger-scale project due to the need for furniture installation, furniture rental, cost of decor and accessorising, and inventory transportation, and therefore the price is higher.

For example, a sofa can cost between €500 - €15,000. Therefore, the rental fee for a budget-friendly piece of furniture will always be lower than the more exclusive one. This, as well as the number of furniture, accessories and art required for the stage, will define the fee of the staging project.

Let’s compare the cost between these two apartments here:

Apartment 1: Two-bedroom apartment in an area with an average selling price of 260k. The apartment contains an open-plan kitchen, dining and living room, entrance hall, two bathrooms, and two bedrooms.

Apartment 2: Two-bedroom apartment in an area with an average selling price of 450k. The apartment is the same size as the one in example 1.

Here is the crucial moment of defining the cost of the stage based on the asking price. For example, 1% of 260k is €2600 compared to 1% of 450k €4500. The second apartment will require more exclusive furniture and accessories to fit the potential buyer's lifestyle. This is also a great example when staging a property for 500-700k and one for 1m+

We live in a world of perfect Instagram snaps, and all buyers are looking for those stunning images on social platforms before even considering a viewing. Trust me, a home staging expert can make your property for sale shine! :)

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