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Many people look for a beautiful home, with us we make what they want a possibility!

Vanya McCarthy at Stage My Home.

Stage My Home is a family-run business where we work with homeowners, real estate agents, and small developers.

 I studied interior design and graduated with honours from Varna Free University, Bulgaria in 2010. 

I moved to Dublin that same year and I have been living in green, beautiful Ireland ever since. 

My passion for interior design, decor, and the housing market is endless! As soon as I walk into a space I start mentally painting walls,

filling it with furniture and decorating. I see its potential.

I have experience in home renovations, rental property styling, buying and selling homes, and sourcing furniture. Through this, I understand the difficulties, which may occur when trying to sell or let your property (I've been in this situation a number of times over the years). Both selling and letting properties can be a very long and challenging process. 


Stage My Home will help you present your property for sale or rent to its fullest potential. This extra effort in making your home more appealing in the market leads to a higher return on your investment. Home staging will add up to 15% more value to your property for sale, and also will attract more potential buyers and generate more bids. A very small percentage of people can see beyond clutter, beyond an overgrown garden, empty rooms, and a personal gallery of photographs on the walls.


The property market, both for sale and rent, is extremely competitive at the moment. I have noticed that many properties are absolutely beautiful and they have huge potential, but sometimes this potential has to be shown to your buyers. 

Rental properties are often poorly presented on social media. When done right, some very small touches can do miracles, especially for Airbnb and Short term rental properties.

At the end of the day, beautifully presented properties have happier guests, generate excited buyers and generate better income!

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